No BS Internet Marketing Product Reviews


Who Am I?

My name is Josh Debnam and I’ve been making my living online for around about 10 years. 10 years is a long time on the internet, and Google was only tiny, and Facebook didn’t even exist. So that makes me somewhat of a veteran.

These days I make a living from a mixture of affiliate marketing, and also client marketing where I help businesses with their online promotion and exposure. The great thing about making your living online is that you can do it from anywhere, and I certainly do.

The video below explains what affiliate marketing is and why it’s such a cool industry to be in:

How Does This Site Help You?

I’ve possibly spent close to $200,000 (luckily I’ve made much more) over the last 10 years buying and trying products online in an attempt to achieve my dream of making a living from the internet. The thing is, much of it is pure crap. So this site simply provides reviews of products, old and new, from my own perspective. All of the products here I have purchased, or use myself.

Simply use the menus above to navigate your way around the site and product reviews.

Another interesting video explaining internet marketing: